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An astonishing number of companies still use landlines. In the modern world of the Internet and high-speed data, there are times when you need to switch to more modern communication options such as VoIP services or cloud hosting systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become the most common approach to business telephony services for businesses in the United States. Telephone service is the fastest growing part of our business, and in almost every relationship with our customers, VoIP is what they choose. The VoIP phone service offers a lot of business via Mobile SIP Dialer app that can’t be done with a regular landline phone. Here are some things to consider before starting your SIP Softphone business.

1) Server Alignment and Configuration

To run a VoIP i.e. mobile dialer business that relies entirely on software, you need to align servers with good configurations. It reduces bureaucratic complexity during server maintenance tasks, so you should host your server in a co-location rather than a reseller. If you don’t want to experience server down issues or packet loss or low bandwidth issues, explore the market of other server hosting providers before signing collocation deals.

2) Softswitch Performance Consideration

You need to set up a class 4 Softswitch to run a SIP Softphone business. The first thing to consider when purchasing a Softswitch is Calls per second (CPS). If the switch can handle more calls per second, it will definitely help your business. A call connection is another parameter that identifies the performance of the Softswitch.

3) Bandwidth Optimization

A normal mobile SIP Dialer call using the G.729 codec can use 31.6 Kbps. To run an effective business, you must also consider low bandwidth consumption. A variety of bandwidth optimization applications are currently available. These applications can reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 70% at the end-user level.

4) Termination Provider

While setting up your business, you should consider the below parameters before dealing with termination or route providers. The reliability of end providers with high Average Call Duration (ACD) and high Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR) along with low Post Dial Delay (PDD). Most entrepreneurs prefer termination providers that offer low rates, but it’s a good idea to sign a contract with one that promises quality service at a balanced rate.

5) Customer Satisfaction

When talking about the SIP Softphone business, you should consider the best customer satisfaction possible. The market is so competitive that if you don’t meet the customer’s requirements, you will lose your fast share. In addition, you should consider a payment solution that allows end users to pay easily. It is better if you can configure the payment gateway so that you do not have to remind end users to make the payments. You should also consider automating the whole process via the Mobile SIP Dialer app. Make sure your clients retain most of their options like signing up for accounts, transferring balances, making payments, etc. Customer service should be available 24 hours a day.


To stay competitive in your business, you need to use the best tool i.e. Mobile SIP Dialer app. VoIP wins for business phone service. SIP Softphone offers many benefits without negative impact, making it a standard phone option for all future businesses. For businesses that have not yet adopted the technology, they must do so now.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, offer the best in the industry mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer. We delight our customers with white-label SIP dialer solutions. To know more about our offerings, please get in touch with us.