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VoIP business is at peak and if you are also in this business, you can take your business to the next level. However, you have to take some wise decisions as the normal way of providing business is not something that can take you a long way. Why? Well, as mentioned the VoIP business is in the position where businesses and people are taking the VoIP solutions and services very seriously and that’s why many serial entrepreneurs have jumped into this arena. To attract and retain more customers, you have to have something that can give you a competitive edge. You have to be creative. Looking for recommendations? Let me give you one really amazing recommendation based on my decade long experience in the telecommunication industry. One of the best ways to attract more customers and retain them is offer something additional. One of the best and most useful tools a business can offer is the SIP softphone.

The SIP softphone is also popularly known as the mobile SIP dialer, VoIP SIP dialer, VoIP SIP softphone, etc. You can take benefit of the Mobile SIP dialer development to add the SIP softphone in your business offerings. The VoIP companies like Vindaloo Softtech offer the white label SIP softphone solution development service. In this service, the company develops the SIP softphone with some interesting features like,

  • Contact book
  • Contact important
  • Contact export
  • Call history
  • Audio call
  • Video call
  • Conferencing
  • Last call redial
  • Call detail logs
  • And more

The Mobile SIP dialer development with a white label solution will also add your business brand elements such as, logo, colors, theme, etc. in the mobile SIP dialer app in a way that the users of your SIP softphone will get a clear experience of using your business app.

The white label SIP softphone solution development will give you an additional add-on which you can offer as an additional service along with your normal VoIP services. You can earn the customer loyalty by offering this SIP softphone dialer for free or you can earn some extra revenues by offering the mobile SIP softphone dialer as an additional add-on that can be used for convenience.

The softphone is most admired add-on a VoIP service provider can offer. Sometimes the VoIP service providers use the open source mobile SIP dialers to satisfy the need of their customer. The better solution is to invest in the mobile SIP dialer development. The white label SIP softphone solution development will give a lot of brand benefits over the usage of the open source mobile SIP dialer solution. As per the leading marketing companies as many times your consumers get exposed to your brand names as stronger the customer loyalty become. Thus, look for the long term benefits of investing in the SIP softphone solution development.

We, Vindaloo Softtech, have benefited many VoIP service providers with the best in the industry SIP softphone solution development services. We can help you with more details of how the white label mobile SIP dialer development can benefit your business. Let’s discuss more in detail. Please fill in this simple contact form to get in touch!