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Get Rid of Overpriced Infrastructure with cost-effective Softswitch solution for VoIP service provider

The introduction of class 5 softswitch has literally revolutionized the VoIP service scenario. It has included an amazing set of features that can handle a sizeable VoIP services easily, ensuring a service provider to enjoy excellent features at lower cost.The advantage is that they do not need to seek any overpriced infrastructure to enable any of these features, it is all offered by the latest hosted softswitch solution. It concludes both class 4 softswitch and class 5 softswitch with elegance and acts as a great cost-effective solution.

At present, VoIP softswitch comprising of both class 5 and class 4 solutions which can ensure carrier-grade hosted solution for wholesale VoIP providers. This hosted environment provides capabilities including hosted PBX, residential VoIP, mobile solutions, etc. These latest solutions are aimed at providing layer-based services to its business customers including providers, resellers, sub resellers, and more. This indeed helps the VoIP provider to give very convenient services to the customers without investing huge amounts on infrastructure. The API integration can be smoothly done with different platforms which helps all the stakeholders to be under one roof. The solution is not only offering redundant infrastructure but also ensuring flawless security.

Key Features of VoIP Softswitch

The amazing features of softswitch class 4 and 5 are remarkable and handle all necessities of a VoIP provider.


One of the best features is its least cost routing. The provider is at an advantage when LCR is offered to a customer. With the help of this feature, the VoIP service provider can enable multiple routing plans which are easily acceptable to the business customers. Other than this, routing becomes much powerful as it safeguards load balancing and sharing for termination endpoints.


Billing is another notable benefit of having a class 5 softswitch. A classy VoIP softswitch can offer amazing features to manage billing for various services. A voice retailer requires smart billing features which can support both pre-paid and post-paid services. Class 5 softswitch also supports multi-currency as well as multi top up.

Live call monitoring

Class 5 softswitch enables call monitoring with real time information. It provides active call list, SIP logs, etc.

DID Management

This feature is allowing online DID purchase as well as easy API integration with prominent DID providers.

Self-care portals

Utilizing the power of WebRTC, class 5 softswitch offers self-care portals which come as an ultimate help for customers.


This is something any business customer wants with perfection and that is what a class 5 softswitch offers with its superior reporting facilities. It provides immaculate reports for all services such as calls, SMS, concurrent calls along with call duration and full CDR.

Looking at all these awesome features, it is pretty much clear that the latest softswitch solution are the best bet for VoIP service providers. There is less cost because they can get all these services in a hosted environment which automatically dispense with overpriced infrastructure. Additionally, they can proudly offer a gamut of superior features for their customers.

Looking for the best VoIP softswitch solution? Contact us. We have ready to use VoIP softswitch, class 4 softswitch and class 5 softswitch solutions.