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VoIP-based communication is cheaper for both local and international calls. Moreover, it provides many more features and benefits than the traditional telephone system. Thus, organizations have started pursuing VoIP solution development to get a custom VoIP phone system for their business. If you have not yet reached your ideal VoIP solution, you must contact the one now for your business.

Today’s businesses are way more advanced and deal with a lot of competition. Thus, the businesses need to get the best VoIP software development that had all required features. Also, the companies can get the VoIP solution development to get different VoIP phone systems to meet their business needs. In this article, I will share the top 2 solutions that any business can get to meet its needs and receive a wide array of benefits.

1. IP PBX solution

The IP PBX aka Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a complete VoIP phone system for a business. It provides all the required features for businesses to meet their telecommunication needs. Some of the key elements of the best IP PBX solution are listed below:

  • Call routing
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call park and pick up
  • Call hold
  • Music on hold
  • Call mute / unmute
  • Can recording
  • Dashboard
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

The IP PBX system will help in satisfying all communication-related needs of your business.

2. Conferencing Solution

Based on your business’s collaboration needs, you can get a conferencing solution. The conferencing solution can have audio, video or both modes of communication. The VoIP solution development service providers often help companies by providing a super rich audio, video, and web conferencing solution. The conferencing solution can have many features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dashboard
  • Live conference view
  • Web conference
  • Multiple participants
  • Music on hold
  • Play name of the participants when they join
  • Conference controls such as, mute all, un-mute all, etc.
  • Remote access
  • PIN for private conference
  • And more

The conferencing solution will give great features to support remote team collaboration and meet other business communication and collaboration needs.

The VoIP solution development can use to build any type of unified communication solution that helps in meeting the business needs of any organization. Still, these two are the most common and valuable VoIP solutions.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have developed a wide range of VoIP phone systems with custom features to benefit businesses. Contact us to discuss the VoIP phone system your business must get.