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Technology changes rapidly and 2018 was the year of the inventions. Each year the shift in technology, consumer behavior and many other factors together brings in some trends which drive the industry and businesses. Knowing these trends help in preparing the business in a way to achieve competitive edge as well as build a sustainable business. In this article, we will talk about the top trends in the web application development and software application development. These trends are really important to know so you can define a clear outline for the web application development for the future or if you already have finished the software application development, you will get to know all must have customization in your existing software to make it compatible with the ongoing trends.

Mobile first

As per the statistics, more than 50% of the website visitors comes from the mobile. Moreover, we all know the massive use of mobile devices in almost everything these days. We know from buying a software to doing window shopping, everything is done on the go, on the smart devices by the consumers these days. Thus, the trend of mobile first is going to continue in 2019 as well. All types of web application development have to be done by keeping the mobile audience in mind. Either by progressive web application development (PWA) or by any other mechanism, one has to put the mobile audience and their user experience in the priority list.

Push notifications

You must have seen the push notifications in mobile applications, but now the web app development and websites have also started to implement this feature. You may have come across a website which shows a dialogue box on the top right corner or top center asking for your permission to send notifications. These push notifications are actually similar to the mobile app push notification in which the website or software sends web notifications in the system or push notification in the mobile to the user for upcoming updates such as, new version release, new article update, etc. This is a great way to increase the ratio of returning visitors as well as engagement of the customers / visitors at a greater level. There are a very few websites which have this functionality right now, but in 2019, this is more likely to become one of the big trends.

Chat bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its inventions have not left any single area untouched. The web application development and software application development are also influenced with the inventions in the AI. One of the major inventions of the AI which have influenced this industry and will rule 2019 is chat bots. The chat bots are AI based program which interacts with the website visitors in real time by answering their queries. A majority of websites has already acquired the chat bots and the remaining are more likely to get in 2019.

The above mentioned three are the major trends which will lead the web application and software application development majorly.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, assure to use the latest and futuristic trends in our offerings to benefit our customers. If you are looking for a reliable web application or software application development services, contact us NOW!