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The wholesale VoIP business has been in industry for many years. Earlier the VoIP service providers were using the hardware based class 4 switch which is now replaced with the software switch. If you are thinking to start a business as a wholesale service provider or if you want to replace your hardware based infrastructure with software based class 4 softswitch, then you must be looking for the best option. This article will share the top 5 things that you must consider while exploring different options of the class 4 softswitch.

1. Must have features

As a service provider, you must have a predefined business model. Furthermore, you must have milestones to be achieved in the nearer future. If you haven’t thought about the business model and roadmap yet, then you must do that before exploring the possible options of the wholesale softswitch. You should prepare a list of must have features in your class 4 softswitch. Thus, when you are exposed with a wide list of features, you can match that list with the required number of features. This makes sure that when you buy a class 4 softswitch, you get what is important for sure. Sometimes, it may happen that you get hundred unnecessary features while missing the must have one.

2. Integrated billing

For a wholesale VoIP business, billing is an important part and that’s the reason it is good to get the class 4 switch with an integrated billing system. It must support all different types of charges, taxation, rate cards, etc. The billing solution will automate the whole process of invoicing which otherwise can be time consuming, tedious and error prone with the manual option.

3. Scalability

The wholesale softswitch solution will come with a predefined number of concurrent calls and call per second support. This number must be bigger than what you need at the moment. Apart from these, you also need to assure that the class 4 softswitch can support your increasing business needs. It has to be easy to scale up at any point of time.

4. Security

The toll frauds and DoS attacks are common threats in the wholesale VoIP business. Thus, you need to assure that your wholesale softswitch is providing AAA feature. Also, it must have some in-built security alerts and notifications to prevent the toll frauds.

5. Post sale support

Whether you are getting your wholesale softswitch developed or buying an off the shelve product, it is really important to look for the post sale support. This is obvious you will buy the best class 4 softswitch still you may need some customization or quick support services after the deployment. Thus, it is good to see what your vendors offer. The post sale support must be flexible and affordable with multiple options to choose from.


While you compare different available options for your wholesale softswitch, you must get the one that can meet your current and future business needs. Moreover, it should be secure and scalable. Contact us to know how we can help you with your wholesale softswitch needs.