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2019 is at around the corner and every business owner has started analyzing the past year and planning for the upcoming year. To successfully plan anything, it is necessary to understand the trends to be witnessed in upcoming years, so your success roadmap can be aligned with the same. Being in the VoIP industry, in this article, we are going to share about the top 4 trends you will experience in 2019 about one of the most popular VoIP solutions, namely, call center solution. We will focus on the top trends you will witness in the call center solution development.

1. Contact center solution will be in demand

The call center solution and contact center solution terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a slight yet really important difference between these two. The call center solution supports only a single mode of communication. On the other hand, the contact center solution supports multiple modes of communication. It means the contact center solution offers communication channels like, voice call, video call, instant messaging (chat), SMS, Email and Fax on contrary to call center solution, which provides only voice calls as a communication channel. In 2019, the contact center solution will gain more popularity over the call center solution.

2. Autoserve Features will be in demand

The call centers often have a skilled team of agents to take care of all incoming calls. However, with time the habits of people are also getting changed. Today’s customers don’t prefer to have a voice call. They prefer to take action on their own. Thus, the demand of tools and features that can let them take actions autonomously will increase in 2019. One of as such feature is an IVR aka Interactive Voice Response System, which let users take guided steps to take an action.

3. Integration of social media will be necessary

These days, it is common that people speak out about their frustration on the social networking websites. Thus, for all the brands and companies, it is becoming necessary that they monitor their social mentions and take necessary actions to get rid of the notorious and unhappy customers which can adversely affect their business. Thus, the call center solution development has to integrate a feature related to social media in a way that the agents can get details of the conversations happening on the social networking sites and run a campaign to pacify these angry customers.

4. Influence of AI and other trending technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big Data, Cryptocurrency and many other trending technologies are gaining popularity. Not only this, these trending technologies have started influencing many businesses as well and the call center solution development is not an exception here. The AI and other trending technologies will definitely play a major role in the call center solution development in 2019 and upcoming years. It will introduce some new features and modules which will change how the development process takes place as well as how the call centers are getting operated.

These are the top 4 trends that will rule the call center solution development industry and you must keep all of these in mind. Alternatively, outsource your call center solution development project to us and we will take care of these trends.