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VoIP world is very big. There are many segments in the businesses as well as VoIP solutions. Some VoIP development services are used to touch the small businesses and other general purpose companies. On the other hand, some VoIP development services take place to build more robust and technical VoIP solutions, which are used by big companies and service providers. This article will discuss the Class 4 Softswitch and its benefits for VoIP service providers.

The class 4 softswitch solution is used by wholesale VoIP service providers. That is why it is also known as a wholesale VoIP softswitch solution. Earlier, the telephony service providers were using heavy hardware-based switches which usually have messy wiring and of course very complex setup. All these made the business of a telephony service provider very tough. However, the invention of the class 4 softswitch solution removed all these roadblocks.

The class 4 softswitch solution is a software based system and as it is a software, it offers a lot of advantages to the wholesale VoIP service providers. Let me share the top 5 benefits of using the class 4 softswitch solution:

1. Easy to setup

The class 4 softswitch doesn’t need one to setup the hardware switch with wires and other heavy and messy infrastructure. It is very easy to setup. The VoIP company who provides the class 4 softswitch will perform the setup for you which will be a one day job at max.

2. Scalable

Unlike traditional wholesale switches, the class 4 softswitch solution can be scaled up very easily and quickly to support the growing business needs. As your business grows, you can take help of the VoIP company that provisioned the class 4 softswitch to increase its capacity of supporting more ongoing calls per second.

3. Reliable

The class 4 softswitch solution can be setup with the failover and recovery as well as load balancing support with an additional investment which is worth. Once the setup of failover and load balancing is performed by the VoIP experts, in case of failure or increased load, the system will make automated switching and configurations to assure the system works with its maximum potential by taking over all barriers.

4. Remote access

The class 4 softswitch solution is a software which generally comes with a web based access panel. It means one can access the system from anywhere, at any time. One doesn’t need to be in the physical office or one doesn’t need to use his or her computer where the software is installed to take any action related to the class 4 softswitch. Everything can be done remotely which makes it even more flexible to use.

5. Increased ROI

The class 4 softswitch solution removes additional expenses, reduce expenditure, make management and maintenance easier and assure the system is up and running all the time. All these altogether help in growing business by delivering the best services and increased business means increased revenues. At the same time decreasing expenses means saving more money. In a nutshell, the returns over investment (ROI) will be increased for the business.

These are the top 5 benefits of using the class 4 softswitch solution.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have developed one of the best class 4 softswitch solutions, called, Vin4Switch. This class 4 softswitch system will help you gain above mentioned 5 and some other business benefits. Learn more about this reliable and robust class 4 softswitch solution: Vin4Switch. For more details, contact us.