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VoIP service providers are defining new milestones of success. They are growing in leaps and bounds. Traditionally, the whole telecommunication business was dependent on bulky, messy hardware devices, but not any further. The hardware based telecom solutions are replaced with compact and lightweight VoIP software solutions.

The VoIP service providers and ITSPs (Internet Telecom Service Providers) use one or more VoIP solution developed by the best VoIP development company. These VoIP solutions can be a ready to use products or custom developed software for the service provider. In both cases, it serves the common purpose: Running the business of the service provider efficiently. Yes, in the modern era, the VoIP service providers and ITSPs are pretty much dependent on their VoIP solutions.

As these service providers heavily use these solutions, the best VoIP development companies have launched various types of solutions. In this article, I will share about the top 3 solutions that any VoIP or Internet Telephony service providers can use to increase revenues. I would say, you must use all 3 of them to have multiple revenue generation channels:

1. VoIP Softswitch

It is more commonly used by the ITSPs to provide wholesale and retail calling and related services. The VoIP softswitch solutions have replaced old systems and added advanced communication features, which were not available earlier. There are three different types of VoIP Softswitch solutions available in the market and the ITSPs can use any one of them:

  1. Hybrid VoIP Softswitch solution can be used to run both, wholesale and retail internet telephony business as it comes with both types of solutions.
  2. Class 5 Softswitch solution can be used to provide telephony services to the end users. It offers all communication features to the end users and perfect for both, corporate and residential users.
  3. Class 4 Softswitch solution can be used to handle wholesale business. It comes with robustness to handle hundreds to thousands of concurrent calls and can traverse call and other types of traffic on the network or international destinations.

2. Multi tenant conferencing solution

Conferencing services are in-demand by the top companies and startups as well. The audio, video and / or web conferencing services are pretty much in demand. There are so many utilities of the conferencing solution that its demand keeps on increasing. To provide conferencing services, the service providers need a feature rich multi tenant conferencing software solution. It comes with a wide range of features to benefit the service providers with the complete control on the services.

3. Mobile SIP Dialer

This is fundamentally a mobile application, but used heavily in the VoIP industry. The white label mobile SIP dialer app is a must in the VoIP business for multiple reasons. It provides a more convenient mode of communication to the customers of the VoIP service providers. It not only increases customer delight, but it also increases the use of telephony and communication services of the ITSPs and VoIP service providers. This way it increases businesses even more.


These are the top 3 types of VoIP solutions available for the service providers. The VoIP or Internet Telephony service providers can use all of them to get benefited.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have developed a wide array of off the shelve VoIP products, including, above mentioned three. We offer ongoing support services to benefit our service providers to benefit our clients all across the globe.

To know more about our offered solutions and services and to discuss your project requirement, please get in touch with us.