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The contact center plays a crucial role as the primary face of the company and acts as a communication channel between the customers and organizations.

A well-performed contact center is attained by strategic planning, technological investment, and a persistent dedication of staff that ultimately leads to customer happiness. All these are necessary components in the constant journey of optimizing the operation of your contact center.

You can unleash the full potential of your contact center and turn it into a potent engine for business growth by enticing exceptional talent, utilizing cutting-edge call routing systems, leveraging insights from analytics, embracing omnichannel support, cultivating a supportive work environment, and putting in place efficient quality.

Are you looking for one such software that not only helps streamline your contact center but also helps you get an edge over your competitors by enhancing customer satisfaction?

The answer lies in VSPL’s Callcentr8- a multi-tenant contact center tool.

When it comes to optimizing your contact center’s performance, callcentr8 stands out as your trusted partner. With its innovative solutions and expertise, you can harness the full potential of your contact center.

It’s a WebRTC-powered multi-tenant Contact Center solution designed to effortlessly manage high call volumes while offering advanced features that go beyond typical contact center solutions.

Check out what sets it apart from other market tools:

  • 4 levels of user access (Super Admin, Tenant, Supervisor, Agent)
  • Multi-tenancy support for tiered contact center
  • ACL, Trunk, DID Management for Super Admin
  • Agent Management (Monitoring, Allocation) for Tenant Admin
  • Call queue/ agent status monitoring for the supervisor agent
  • Call script management
  • Disposition Management
  • Web-based softphone portal access for agent
  • In-built Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Management
  • Outgoing Rules
  • One-click Reporting (System, supervisor, agent, campaign)
  • Agent break management
  • Music-on-Hold and Prompt management
  • Call Recording & Playback
  • Essential Call Management Functions (Queue, barge, hold, mute, transfer)
  • Voice mail support
  • Completely Cloud-based Web App Solution

Why use CallCentr8- a feature-rich contact center tool?

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Feature-rich software like CallCentr8 offers omnichannel support, intelligent routing, and call recording & playback facilities, enabling agents to provide more personalized and efficient customer service.
  2. Improved Efficiency: In-built automatic call distribution (ACD) system and multi-tenancy automation features streamline processes and reduce agent workload ensuring increased productivity.
  3. Easy Integrations: Using CallCentr8, you can easily get any out-of-the-box 3rd party tool integrated with all your other critical business tools.
  4. Advanced Call Distribution Techniques: The tool supports several call distribution techniques, such as round-robin, sequential, time-based, fixed order, etc.
  5. Cost Savings: With features like call recording and analytics, you can identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately reduce operational costs.
  6. Intelligent Monitoring And Reporting: With CallCentr8, super admins can monitor the resource usage between different tenants and manage ACL, Trunk, and DID from the dashboard. Tenant admins can monitor the calling performance as well as generate periodic reports. Using the tool, supervisors get agent status, current call queue status, average call duration, and integral features such as call barge, whisper, or coach on their customizable dashboard.

In all, investing in this feature-rich Contact Center Tool will significantly enhance your customer service operations, drive efficiency, and contribute to overall business success.

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