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Healthcare industry often faces challenges and communication barriers. Sometimes with the lack of advanced medical infrastructure or expert medical staff and sometimes because of the distance of a hospital from the place of a patient, and sometimes for some other reason, it has often faced the medical industry failed in saving a life. But, not any further! The technology is advancing day by day and innovating some amazing solutions to help hospitals and other medical facilities to provide better and quicker medical services. One of as such technological boon for the healthcare industry is a conferencing solution.

There are three different types of conferencing solutions available for the hospitals and medical facilities, which are listed below:
  • Audio conferencing solution
  • Video conferencing solution
  • Web conferencing solution

In this article, I will share more about video conferencing solution, which is specifically developed for the hospitals and other medical facilities.

The video conferencing solution is a software based system, which can be used by any hospital or medical facility to conduct video meetings and / or video conferences. The video conference gives an impression and experience of having a face to face meeting. Any medical staff member such as, doctors, nurses, admin, trustees, etc. can participate in the video conferences from anywhere, at any time without any delay or hurdle.

The modern video conferencing solution can be used from any device such as, desktop, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, etc. This type of conferencing solution lets hospitals and medical facilities achieve many goals in real time without moving an inch.

Let’s see, three major utilities of the video conferencing solution for hospitals and medical facilities:
1. Providing medical consultation

With video conference, it could be possible to provide initial medication to the patients. Sometimes this first level medication can be so helpful that it can save a life. The doctor can guide people to take precautionary steps and keep on monitoring the patient until he reaches a nearby hospital. The doctor can also narrate the case with the hospital staff to speed up the treatment. This can really save many lives.

2. Learn from worldwide medical experts

The hospital can invite the medical experts from different nooks and corners of the world to deliver sessions or to teach the advancements in the medical sector. The expert doctors can also deliver the expert sessions about the most critical cases handled by them. This helps many hospitals in learning from experts without much investment as the video conference provides all required features to discuss the case and share material in real time along with an experience of face to face meeting.

3. Administrative meetings

The hospitals and medical staff can save a lot on bringing all staff members under one roof to conduct meetings. The video conferencing solution provides a facility to have a video conference from anywhere, at anytime. The staff members from any part of the world can attend the video conference, which can be an administrative or similar natured meeting.

The healthcare industry can gain many benefits using video conferencing solution. We, Vindaloo Softtech, offer custom video conferencing solution for hospitals and medical facilities.