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Vindaloo Softtech, a renowned software development company specializing in developing custom business software, was recently awarded ‘Iconic Brand of the Year 2022’ by Prime Insight. Additionally, an interview with Bhaskar Metikel, the CEO of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt Ltd., was published in the September issue of their Prime Insights Magazine. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Talking about the idea behind the brand, Mr. Metikel spoke about how he identified the potential of VoIP to become a viable business communication tool. Hence, he claims that by offering VoIP software development services using open source technologies such as Asterisk, Kamailio, etc., Vindaloo Softtech can develop unique VoIP products such as VoIP billing solutions, PBX servers, Dialer applications, and IVR systems for their customers. 

Initially, the company had to work on improving its stand and reputation as a trusted software development partner. However, it being a niche market, the brand managed to rope in clients and deliver projects efficiently. 

Talking about brand trust and customer satisfaction, Mr. Metikel is proud of his client’s trust in his brand. Here’s what he had to say about brand trust.

“Trust is an intangible feeling. However, Vindaloo Softtech is proud of how many customers have been with us since the beginning. We have a customer retention rate of ~95%.”

The reason behind this level of customer loyalty is Vindaloo Softtech’s ability to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer support and care. Their developers always try to exceed customers’ expectations irrespective of the project size or ticket value. 

Talking about the future of Vindaloo Softtech, Mr. Metikel had many updates to share. Expanding into newer avenues such as, UI/UX design, and digital marketing services are some of the short-term goals he has envisioned. Moreover, from the expertise derived from 6+ years of creating unique solutions for their clients, Vindaloo Softtech plans to introduce some products in-house. Therefore, Mr. Metikel is confident of seeing the product in the market in the foreseeable future.

As a conclusion to the interview, Mr. Metikel had the following quote to state as a word of encouragement for future entrepreneurs reading the interview.

“Do not be sad about failure for too long, and do not be happy about success for too long. Instead, think of each as a step on your way to being successful. Also, try new things all the time.”

You can read the entire interview from Prime Insight’s September 2022 issue.

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