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India, February 1, 2024- As ITExpo, one of the largest and longest-running business technology events, approaches, Vindaloo Softtech is pleased to announce its participation from booth 567. It will showcase its innovations and contribute to the dynamic discussions shaping the future of business technology.

Vindaloo Softtech revolutionizes businesses with top-notch IT solutions. From FreeSWITCH and WebRTC solutions to Asterisk development, Web and Mobile App creation, Custom CRM development, and Augmented Team services, it reshapes business operations, empowering clients to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

“We are thrilled to be part of ITEXPO, where over 7,000 business and technology professionals are expected to gather. At the event, we look forward to presenting our innovative solutions that can empower businesses to shape their future,” expressed Bhaskar Metikel, the Founder of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

About Vindaloo Softtech

Vindaloo Softtech fixes its position as an industry leader in IT staff augmentation, providing cost-effective and innovative solutions to empower businesses. With expertise across VoIP Software Development, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Mobile and desktop App Development, Web Services, Digital Marketing, and UI/UX Design, Vindaloo ensures its clients stay ahead of the curve, offering the latest and greatest in technological capabilities. The customer remains at the core of Vindaloo Softtech’s operating philosophy. With meticulous attention to each engagement and unwavering commitment to service excellence, Vindaloo has emerged as a trusted partner for a diverse client base.

The innovation infused into Vindaloo Softtech’s products highlights the technical expertise and customer dedication that set them apart from peers. VoIP solutions like the VoIP Billing System- CloveKonnect, Multi-Tenant IP PBX- PepperPBX, Cross-Platform VoIP Softphone- PimentoPhone, and Call Center Software-Callcentr8, exhibit Vindaloo’s passion for developing technologies that empower. By blending leading-edge capabilities with responsive, tailored service, Vindaloo Softtech establishes itself as a partner that grows with its clients and helps propel their visions forward.

About ITExpo

ITEXPO is a leading IT and communications event for business professionals seeking strategies and solutions to leverage emerging technologies. Taking place from 13th to 15th Feb at Florida ITEXPO offers a robust conference program covering topics like cloud communications, AI, 5G, IoT, generative AI, and cybersecurity. Attendees can expect keynotes from industry experts, educational sessions, an expo hall showcasing the latest products and innovations, and ample networking opportunities.

Organizations from IT, telecom, development, operations, and cybersecurity will gain actionable insights for strategic decision-making and to spur digital transformation. With over 5,000 estimated attendees and 350+ exhibitors, ITEXPO promises an immersive experience to learn, connect, and drive technology forward.

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