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Internet Telecom Service Providers, i.e., ITSPswere using hardware-based infrastructure to provide Telephony services to their clients in the early days of ITSP. The VoIP Softswitch has changed the whole business model of internet telephony services. It has brought software based Softswitches in the picture that can be used in place of the bulky hardware based telecom switches. The VoIP Softswitch has been adopted by many service providers and it is evident that it is defining new success milestones for them.

The VoIP Softswitches are available with different features to cater to all different types of Internet Telephony Service Providers. The Class 4 Softswitch is used by the wholesale service provider that deals with the local ITSPs. The Class 5 Softswitch is furnished with advanced communication and collaboration features that can be used by local VoIP service providers to offer VoIP development services to local businesses and residential users. The Hybrid VoIP Softswitch is used by the ITSPs that deal with both, wholesale and local internet telephony services.

The VoIP softswitch solution is software, so it can be setup and configured easily and within short time unlike traditional telecom system which needs specialized manpower working with various hardware and wires to create a telecom switch. The VoIP softswitch is cost effective compared to the traditional system because of its lightweight and portable nature. Thus, you don’t need to worry about its installation and maintenance or situations when you need to relocate the office. You can access the functions of the VoIP softswitch from remote locations as it comes as a web based application.

The VoIP softswitch solution also provides more features to delight your customers. Thus, the ITSPs can create various packages to benefit the customers. The ITSPs can expand business by getting more customers.

The VoIP softswitch solution is easy to scale up as all you need is upgrading the software to support more customers. This empowers ITSPs to grow their business without worrying about the infrastructure or capacity of the telecom switch.

The VoIP softswitch is easy to use and manage as it comes with a graphical user interface. Also, it doesn’t need too technical staff to take care of it. Anyone with working knowledge of computer can use it after getting training from the VoIP softswitch development company. The maintenance cost of this softswitch solution is also cheaper than its counterparts.

Overall the VoIP softswitch solution provides a complete environment and support to ITSPs so they can define new milestones of the business and achieve those very easily.

We, Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd, are one of the leading VoIP companies that offer affordable VoIP softswitch solution development with custom features. We also offer a free consultancy service to ITSPs that are looking for more guidance on the VoIP softswitch. Moreover, we have developed three different robust VoIP softswitch solutions:

  1. VinSwitch: Hybrid VoIP Softswitch
  2. Vin4Switch: Class 4 Softswitch

To know more about our VoIP Softswitch development services or inquire about our ready to use Softswitch solutions, please get in touch.