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In his recent interview, Bhaskar shares his overall experience about the current global pandemic and its impact on his businesses, and how he deals with it.

January 2, 2021, Bhaskar Metikel, CEO of Vindaloo Softtech headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, has finally revealed how the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus impacted his business and his strategies to cope. He managed to deliver the same quality of services to clients across the world. Not only this, but the company also launched various other services to help clients get more choices, including VoIP Billing Solutions, Database Services, or others.

Starting from Wuhan, COVID 19 took the entire world into its grip with a massive number of infected people and large number of casualties. It has become the biggest nightmare for businesses that face quite difficulties not only in operating but also to survive. Vindaloo Softtech is not an exception – it also faced a tough situation in the way it operates to fulfill its commitment to clients

The company, however, managed to tackle the grim situation with a proper strategy and now operates smoothly. Not only does it operate properly but also expensed its staff rather than laying off the manpower.

“Yes! We also witnessed a tough time in today’s COVID 19. But somehow, we have tackled the situation to operate and manage our business without any hindrance. And the most interesting thing is that we did not lay off even any of our employees in today’s tough situation. Rather than, we increased our number of staff every month and carried out this trend even at present,” said Mr. Bhaskar Metikel.

He further added, “Our core focus is to provide top-notch services to our clients. And we have been focusing on offering outstanding services to our clients, which is our utmost priority.”

Bhaskar in fact sees this global pandemic as the biggest opportunity to see the great difference between good and bad. Besides, it also lets them find an opportunity to know how credible employees are.

He said, “In today’s COVID19 scenario, we have learned to see the differences in good and bad and those of reliable and productive employees. Considering this; we also performed various reshufflings to make the team better and efficient. We also amended our organizational policies, which are necessary to be amended. We then introduced a couple of policies for our majority of employees mainly for balancing the work-life culture.”

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