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Your business development, sales, support and customer care teams have to be proactive to grab each lead coming to you. Also, you, being a leader, have to make sure that your team is always there to talk with your existing customer when he / she is facing any issues with your product. The real time support to customers is must. In simple words, we can say that each business must have a communication solution in place which can prove to be a perfect platform to take care of all activities related to the process of lead conversion and lead nurturing, both. If your company is not furnished with this type of solution, then remember your competitors are there for sure acquiring advanced communication tools and grab your existing leads and customers. In this case, you are more likely to lose potential business. Worry not, the solution is here. The WebRTC client solution! It can be very effective for any business as it provides real time and remote communication mechanism.

WebRTC is a technology introduced by Google to bring in and support remote communication for the businesses of all different sizes and scales. The WebRTC stands for the Web based Real Time Communication. It means it supports the communication and collaboration in real time with the use of a web browser; and browser to browser calling technology. The solution developed using this technology is known as WebRTC solution or WebRTC client solution which will provide an interface to handle communication in real time with your prospects and customers.

The WebRTC client solution offers communication with different levels including:

  • Video call
  • Voice call
  • Conference with multiple parties
  • File share
  • Document share
  • Image share
  • And more

The WebRTC solution can be accessed and used from any device such as, computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, etc. The only thing one would need to use the WebRTC client solution is WebRTC enabled web browser. The good news is these days almost all browsers support WebRTC by default. It means you and your staff can make calls using the WebRTC client solution from anywhere, with any device. You don’t need to install or setup any software or application in regard to use this advanced communication and collaboration system for business.

Once you get the custom WebRTC client solution, you and your whole company can use the same to provide responses to your customers and prospects in real time. The same can also be used in the process of having calls and conference calls for sales meetings or board meetings. All parties from different locations can connect with each other to have a quick or detailed discussion.

One more fantastic benefit of the WebRTC client solution is the remarkably low cost of communication. In fact, no expense on communication! As mentioned earlier, the WebRTC uses browser to browser calling which means there is no telecom cost incurred. All you pay is the cost of data. That’s it! This will further remove barriers in communication.

The WebRTC client system is perfect for all industries and can be acquired without any hassle to gain business benefits.

Author Bio

Sandip Patel – BDE
Author works as BDE at Vindaloo Softtech (VSPL) since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in VoIP Software Development Industry. VSPL is VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC and Asterisk Development.