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Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd has been catering to its customers with reliable VoIP development services. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer WebRTC development services. It means the company has added WebRTC as one of the offerings in its VoIP development service suite.

As per the details shared by the company, the company has established a department that will take care of the WebRTC project for the customers of the company. This department will actively stay involved in research, development, and training related to WebRTC technology. The company has hired experienced WebRTC developers that have been building various communication and collaboration solutions in this VoIP development technology. The company will provide various services with the help of this team of experts.

WebRTC is a leading technology that has been winning hearts with its powerful features and characteristics. This technology can be used to build different types of solutions that can be used to handle real time communication needs of users from anywhere. The WebRTC solution can be accessed on any device, regardless of the platform. Generally, WebRTC technologies are more focused on web based applications to make it accessible to everyone with ease.

Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd has a team of WebRTC developers that have been playing with this VoIP development technology for many years. The programmers have built a different WebRTC solution as briefed below:

Web conferencing solution

There are multiple ways to increase the productivity of the team. The conferencing solution is one of them. WebRTC development can be used to build a web conferencing solution. This system can support video conferencing and chat features as well. There can be many more features that can be included in this system.

WebRTC client solution

It is a one to one communication solution that can be developed using WebRTC technology. This solution can have features like one to one video calling, 3 way conferencing, file sharing, image sharing, chat, and more. It is perfect to take care of day to day communication and collaboration in the company.

The spokesperson of the company shared, “We have been offering VoIP development services. The major services we have been offering in technologies like Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. We have now added one more popular VoIP development technology in our list of VoIP development service offerings and that is WebRTC. We have required expertise to build any kind of solution in this technology and we thrive to use our expertise for sure.”

As per the shared detail, the company will offer all different types of WebRTC related services along with development. It means, if someone needs customization or support services in WebRTC, they can get it from Vindaloo Softtech.