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Why class 4 and class 5 Softswitch has become one of the most popular telecom technologies? The answer is simple, it has brought a positive, encouraging environment to the telecom sector which allowed them to thrive well. As a matter of fact, the telecom industry has experienced an unexpected boom with the introduction of both class 4 and 5 Softswitch solutions. It has allowed the world to connect effortlessly and communicate seamlessly. At present, the telecom network all around the world enjoys an uninterrupted, smooth functioning. The most benefitted among them are telecom service providers, undoubtedly!

The fact is that everyone in the carrier business wants to have superior call routing features along with accurate measurability. They need a fantastic looking interface that guide them through the business amicably and effortlessly. They need a billing system which is more powerful and feature rich. And, on top of all these, they need unflawed security features that safeguard their critical data and business. The good news is that there are a number of class 4 Softswitch add-ons coming up which are truly inspiring the service providers to do their business smartly.

The latest class 4 Softswitch iterations to enhance the telecom services

Network monitoring – class 4 Softswitch enables this much required feature with a view to ensure great stability and performance. This helps the telecom service provider to sort out their network issues such as security and performance right away saving them from unwanted customer displeasure.

Whole sale billing – the latest billing features come as a relief to the service providers. It ensures to reduce their work load in their billing section as well as customer facing areas. It provides useful features including taxation which can be specific to a particular country as well. RADIUS-based billing is another attraction.

SIP Registration – well, this is a great provision for the providers who can offer it to their customers proudly as this feature ensures a private SIP network for them. It provides quality connection for both voice and data as it allows converting VoIP protocol to the popular standards like SIP, H.323, etc.

External APIs – APIs are an integral part of today’s business world and providing a platform for smooth functioning of external APIs is more than a necessity. There are many aspects coming in the picture including billing integration and the like.

The upgradation and the additional features of class 4 switches are so exciting that the service providers can offer them smugly to their customers and thereby attract more value to their business. Other than the above mentioned features, routing, wholesale/retail billing, prepaid/post-paid billing, SMS billing, LCR, etc. are going through remarkable changes in order to enhance the user experience.

The latest class 4 Softswitch iterations are literally meant to enhance the telecom world. The outcome appears to be more than real and surprises us all. The kind of features are being built is going to multiple the service efficiency resulting in great satisfaction among customers.