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No organization can foster its growth without having a powerful communication system. As it resolves all types of communication barriers and helps your staff stay in touch with each other to perform their task hassle-free. Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) comes as the right solution for organizations in this arena.

If sources are to be believed, the market size of unified communication is projected to reach up to $74,244 million by 2023. The data clearly shows the quick adoption rate of a unified communication system among the organization and its bright future in the coming time. Before we dive into a discussion of the reasons why organizations frequently adopt unified communication solutions, it’s better to explore the basics of the said technology.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified communication is nothing but a combination of multiple technologies and features that ensure impeccable communication for businesses. Be it hosted PBX, desktop sharing, audio, instant messaging, mobility features, or voice, unified communication includes everything.

It works effectively when it comes to removing your communication barriers and eliminates your dependency for access to valuable information. You can access the same information on different devices be it desk phone, laptop, tablet, or others. It prevents businesses from spending a hefty amount of money on using cutting-edge communication tools at once.

Top Reasons Why Organization Should Use Unified Communication

Now, it’s time to focus here on some genuine reasons why organizations need to opt for unified communication solutions.

1. Increase Productivity

Well, increasing productivity is something that is a primary aim of every business. The good news is that unified communication has a direct role to increase the productivity of your business. If we talk about a unified strategy, it advocates the connection of team members and employees together with the help of various devices be it mobile phones, desktops, laptops, or others.

Apart from this, UC brings the possibility of eliminating the complication in managing the workforce since it lets them use features such as web conference, video chat, messaging, etc. The reason is that these all features are hosted in the cloud platform and thus work effectively when it comes to increasing productivity among employees.

2. Customer Interaction 

An uninterrupted customer interaction boosts your organization’s impression and also its reliability. Meanwhile, the organization often faces problems caused by failed videos, dropped calls, etc. These all not only create a bad impression for any organization but also hinder their growth.

To get rid of all these, you need to leverage the power of unified communication. It helps your business get ahead of time with free flow communication. It helps you make your customer service expeditious to impress customers.

3. Save Money

Adopting UC eliminates the needs of multiple vendors that your business needs for managing communication systems. All you need to do is to have only one vendor who will cater to you with these services and work as a one-stop solution for all your communication needs.

Besides, unified communication as a service is also helpful in removing the various upfront capital expenditures of those of an on premise communication system. Your business can easily adopt unified communication with the cloud. Now, it’s already clear that having only one dealer lets you save your money that you often spend on having multiple vendors for your organizations.

4. Emergency Planning

Quite often, the majority of businesses need to go for a unified emergency notification system mainly for compliance reasons. The main idea behind this emergency message is that it gets bombarded to each party and every device.

The system should be capable of accommodating 2-ways messaging and also should have the capability of distributing messages to various devices in different locations. The credit goes to unified communication that makes emergency planning quite easy.

5. Good for Mobile Workforce 

In today’s time, mobile works are in vogue and every organization adopts the same more frequently. Thanks to unified communication that is apt and offers higher flexibility to those of mobile workers. It lets employees access all communication features through an internet connection and can answer calls, messages, etc. even if they are not present on their desk.

Final Thought

Unified communication enables your business to rely on and harness the power of the latest communication tools and technology to improve its communication system. You need to get in touch with a reputed unified communication solution provider to adopt UC for your business as well.