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Smartphone is heavily in use in the world. There are more than 70% of people who use Smartphones in the world. Moreover, the Smartphones are popular and heavily in use because of the applications. There are so many applications which drive the day of people. Some use application for entertainment and some for professional cases. The important thing is the Smartphone applications connect users with the businesses in one way or another. That is why it is very important that each business have a mobile application to reach its audience. One of the most popular mobile applications is the Mobile SIP Dialer application. This is one of the must have mobile applications in your Smartphone. If you are not sure about why you should have it, let me share the top 2 reasons to use mobile SIP dialer aka VoIP mobile dialer application.

1. Cheaper communication

Mobile SIP dialer application is a communication app which allows its users to have conversation with one or more people. Yes, it allows calling as well as conference calling. The mobile SIP dialer uses SIP aka session initiation protocols to conduct calls. In simpler words, it uses internet or mobile data to generate calls and let you have a conversation. Thus, the mobile SIP dialer is way cheaper than the traditional telecommunication based calling. In fact, app to app calling charge you nothing. Furthermore, the VoIP based call rates are way cheaper for local as well as international calling so you can call any number in the world with minimum rates and of course with crystal clear voice quality by using the VoIP mobile dialer app.

2. All communication features

The mobile SIP dialer app comes with a wide array of features. It provides all call controls which you have in a usual call such as, call hold, call pickup, call recording, call attend, call hang up, etc. Also, the mobile SIP dialer app integrates your Smartphone phonebook with the VoIP mobile dialer app. Thus, you can dial out a call from the saved contact or you can choose to manually dial a number using the dialpad available in the mobile SIP dialer application. The mobile SIP dialer app also offers some more special features which are not available in the traditional telephony. For example, you can share files and images via the VoIP mobile dialer app. You can also top up or recharge within the app if you are using the mobile SIP dialer app from a provider. The mobile SIP dialer app also allows chat and video calling.

These are the top 2 reasons to use the mobile SIP dialer app for communication. It is an all in one as well as cheaper solution of communication. It is better to use the app from an authorized provider so you get app along with required support.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, provide white label mobile SIP dialer app development. To know more about mobile SIP dialer app, contact us.